Spain’s economy will recover from spring onwards, says the Bank of Spain

spain's economy will recover

The deputy governor of the financial supervisor expresses concern over rising food prices. Even so, there are important facts which provide positive expectations that Spain’s economy will recover.

Margarita Delgado, deputy governor of the Bank of Spain, believes that Spain’s economy will recover and “will regain increasing dynamism” from spring onwards as a result of “a series of factors” after a few months “marked by considerable weakness”.

She shared these economic forecasts at a colloquium at the Alma Sensai Club in Madrid. The event was organised by Columbia Alumni Association Spain – the alumni association of Columbia University in Spain – with support from Columbia Business School – Club of Spain and was sponsored by Accuracy.

During the talk, Delgado also shared her view of the financial system’s evolution within this context of downturn and tightening of monetary policy. She highlighted “the initial signs of moderating inflation in some economies, mainly due to energy prices”.

She also emphasised the role that the authorities play in promoting measures aimed at reducing the overall inflation rate, although she stressed that “the ongoing increase in food prices remains a cause for concern”. Nevertheless, there are high expectations that Spain’s economy will recover very soon which is an important data specially for investors.

“Receiving Margarita Delgado is a privilege that reflects our aim to bring prominent figures to our debates”, said Bruno Bodega, President of the Columbia Alumni Association Spain.

Source: Idealista. Photo by Javier Alamo.

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