What is an XML feed in real estate and how does it work?

xml feed real estate

If you are wondering what an “XML feed” is in real estate and for what is it good for, this article will hopefully help you resolve some doubts.

“An XML feed in real estate is a file which saves the information about your properties and which can be imported or exported.”

The acronym “XML” itself comes from the English and means “Extensible Markup Language”.

Basically, it boils down to providing the ability to summarize a lot of data in a single file. This makes it easier for us to handle centrally a lot of information such as data, texts, images, etc. and “feed” different platforms with it. “Feeding” is done through the import or export process.

If you are more curious about XML feeds, keep reading this article and maybe it can help you get an even clearer idea about the importance they have in our real estate business:

Those of us who have worked or continue working in the real estate brokerage business, know that there is never enough time to take care of absolutely everything. No matter how hard you try to give your best and provide the best possible service to your clients, you finally realize that you can’t do everything alone.

xml feed real estate wishspain.com

This is why you need help to form a solid organization in your work in order to cover the necessary tasks. Whether employing more staff or looking for alternative solutions, the objective is the same: the OPTIMIZATION OF YOUR TASKS.

Thanks to sophisticated technologies, which are being continuously improved, we are given tools that not many of us are aware of having at our disposal. These technologies are not designed to occupy people’s jobs, but to improve their workflow. Thanks to this, we will gain more time and save many expenses, being able to dedicate it to what is most important in our business: customer service and marketing.

Let’s be honest, it is also true that so much technology is capable of annoying us. What’s more, we often have the feeling of being lost among a million platforms, be they social networks, real estate portals, messaging applications, clouds, servers, your website, my goodness, a long etcetera. And what does it result in in the end? Very simple, we find ourselves saturated and practically incapable of carrying out all the tasks we would like to carry out.

As a real estate professional, you will know the importance of keeping your property portfolio up to date. That means knowing if the property is still available, if there has been any change in the price or even in the property itself. There are X factors to take into account to provide quality service to your clients. If people knew how hard do real estate agents work every day to finally close a deal, they would dedicate a national holiday to them, or at least the name of a street (just kidding). Now seriously: where we are most short of time is right in updating our real estate portfolio, in other words, in the heart of our business.

Don’t be discouraged! Here comes the solution:

XML feeds!

Instead of spending your time and energy uploading or editing properties on numerous web platforms, you can do it all in one centralized place. At Wishspain we have set our goal not only to become one of the most requested real estate portals in the Spanish market, but above all also to help professionals simplifying their workflow. That is why we offer our valued professional users the possibility of importing their entire property portfolio and keeping it updated without having to spend a single second of their valuable time.

xml feed wishspain

At Wishspain, our technicians take care of uploading your property portfolio and also keeping it updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To do this, we only need you to provide us with the link through which we can download your properties from the XML database. If you are wondering how to get your XML link, below I explain how to do it.

If you have hired a professional package to have your own website, normally, depending on the provider, the same company that provides you with your website also offers the possibility of creating an XML link to export your property portfolio. And if you are one of those who have your own professional website without having to pay intermediary companies, or, if you still don’t have your own website, no worries.

As you are probably already advertising your property portfolio on a real estate portal, such as Idealista, that same real estate portal can provide you with the XML link. Although, keep in mind that some additional costs may apply. Normally, we are not talking about a lot of money. To give you an example, it could be approx. €10 per month. However, considering that you can use it for any other portal, believe me, it is very worth it!

That is, if, for example, you upload a new property to Idealista or you make any changes to an existing one or if you even delete a property, all of this will be automatically updated in other real estate portals such as Wishspain, thanks to your XML link which feeds them. This way you optimize your work by centralizing your tasks in one single place and letting technology do the rest for you.

Manage your listings on Wishspain

At Wishspain, we offer the import of your real estate portfolio and a sophisticated “CRM” (Customer Relationship Management), which in Spanish means “Administración de la Relación con tus Clientes”. As a Pro member on Wishspain, you will have your own access to your CRM panel where you can manage all your properties, customer inquiries, contact details, your subscription plan and much more.

If you are interested in publishing your property portfolio on Wishpain, please click HERE and find out how we can help you to gain more clients with lees work.

And as you already know that we are committed to making your work easier, our developers are also already implementing the option to export your properties from Wishspain to other real estate portals at ZERO COST. Without a doubt, as soon as the XML export from Wishspain is ready, we will proudly announce it.

I hope that my article has been able to help you clear up some doubts you had about XML feeds. And please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to help you.

Source: Wishspain. Photography: Wishspain, Buffik, SCY.

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