Luxury real estate in Spain

Spain's Luxury Property prices

Spain’s Luxury Property prices: Here is how the main residential markets are growing

Learn how Spain's Luxury Property prices are developing and why you should invest now! Spain's Luxury Property prices are closed with an average of €1,921/m2 in 2022, with a year-on-year increase of 5%, according to the year-end report by idealista, the real estate marketplace in southern Europe. In the same period, the price of luxury homes, i.e. those on the market for over €1 m, ended the year with...

US UK and Spain

USA, UK and Spain, favourite destinations for the wealthy to buy property

USA, UK and Spain Where in the world are the wealthy buying homes? US, UK and Spain: Spain has become one of the top choices for high net worth individuals when it comes to buying homes abroad, behind only the United States and the United Kingdom, according to Knight Frank's The Wealth Report. So, where in the world are the wealthy buying homes? We have the details. Spain is closely followed by...

luxury housing in Spain

Luxury housing in Spain booming, according to the Instituto de Valoraciones

Luxury housing in Spain booming - After the impact of the pandemic, the real estate sector in Spain has been recovering positively, with property sales figures higher than pre-pandemic levels. In this recovery, private buyers and investors interested in luxury properties located in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, on the islands and in coastal areas have played a major role. In times of crisis...

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