Taxes in Spain

Taxes in Spain - Photography by Andrea Piacquadio

Taxes in Spain: A Comprehensive Guide to Maximizing Tax Benefits

Navigating the complexities of taxes in Spain, including taxes in Spain for residents and non-residents, is essential for anyone looking to optimize their financial obligations. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of the Spanish tax system, offering strategies and tips to maximize tax benefits and minimize excessive taxation. We'll cover everything from filing tax returns in Spain to...

ibi tax in spain

IBI Tax in Spain – What it is and why you should pay directly

What is the IBI Tax in Spain? - Definition: The 'Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles' ('IBI', for short) is a local tax levied by the town hall where your property is located. It is paid once a year (normally due in August through to November) and applies to both resident and non-resident owners. In some parts of Spain it is known as SUMA. IBI Tax - Definition Valor catastral - Definition Why you...

Property taxes in Spain

Property taxes in Spain: Plusvalia to be increased

Property taxes in Spain - Here you will find the latest update about the "Plusvalía" tax: Property taxes in Spain: on selling property in Spain, you are liable for two taxes - Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Plusvalia tax. The first tax is national and set by the government. The second one, is a devolved competency to municipalities (read town halls). They are free to set the rate within a sliding...

Tax on holiday rental income in Spain

Tax on holiday rental income in Spain: learn how to declare and how much to pay

You wish to rent out your Spanish home and you are worried about the tax on holiday rental income in Spain? No worries, we got the details for you. If you're a foreigner with a holiday home in Spain and you pay tax on holiday rental income in Spain as a resident, it is important to know that this type of home is not exempt from being declared in the 'IRPF' tax return, even if you make only residual use of...

Selling property in Spain

Selling property in Spain: No capital gains tax

The reasons why non-residents don't have to pay capital gains tax when selling property in Spain. In 1999, the Spanish government modified the regulations governing the municipal capital gains tax, the tax paid when selling a property, and since then foreigners not resident in Spain have been exempt from declaring and paying this tax, i.e. the State has freed them from this obligation, but...

gestor in spain

What is a gestor in Spain?

Gestor in Spain explained - Spain is infamous for its bureaucracy and hard to navigate red tape, but one person who may be able to help with such processes is a "gestor" or "gestoría". The role of the gestor (who works in a gestoría) is something which is very Spanish, and an equivalent service of this "jack of all trades" figure doesn't tend to exist in other counties. However, as foreign as this...

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