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Properties in Malaga attract high-end foreign buyers

Properties in Malaga - Discover why the luxury real estate market in Malaga is so attractive for high-end buyers in Spain... The first few months of 2023 have proven Malaga's growing dynamism in the luxury real estate market. The city has become an increasingly attractive destination for high-end international buyers, driving solid and promising growth in this market. At Lucas Fox, we have seen a 6%...

Ibiza Javea and Marbella

Ibiza, Javea and Marbella: The Spanish municipalities with the most expensive properties

Ibiza Javea and Marbella JAVEA is one of the three municipalities in Spain with the most expensive properties. That’s according to a recent study from leading quantity surveyor’s firm UVE Valoraciones. The report found that a family would need 15.46 years of income, on average, to purchase a home in the coastal town in Alicante in 2022. The calculation is made by dividing the average market value of...

Foreigners buying in Spain

Foreigners buying in Spain more than ever!

Foreigners buying in Spain more than ever! Between January and June 2022, 328,208 home sales and purchases were recorded in Spain, levels not seen since 2008. In fact, the 163,909 sales recorded in the second quarter of this year alone are the second best result since the beginning of 2008, behind only the 164,299 recorded in the first quarter of 2022, according to the Real Estate Registry Statistics of...

Buy property in Spain

Buy property in Spain: Foreigners pay record prices

Average prices to buy property in Spain exceed 2,000 euros/m2, the highest since 2008, while the average price for non-residents is at a record high of 2,480 euros/m2. Foreigners have made a strong comeback in the housing market in Spain and have regained pre-pandemic levels when it comes to buy property in Spain. According to statistics from Spanish notaries, foreigners carried out 63,934 property...

Spain's real estate market

Spain’s real estate market: German, French & British buyers dominate

Spain's real estate market - Having a home on the Spanish coast, where sun and beach predominate, continues to be a point of attraction for foreigners looking for a home abroad, specially on Spain's real estate market. Despite the restrictions on movement between countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, the obligation to undergo quarantine on returning to certain countries if you are not fully...

House prices on Spain's coasts

House prices on Spain’s coasts in 2021

House prices on Spain's coasts - The pandemic fails to bring down house prices on the "costas", which are up 0.5%. The house prices on Spain's coasts increased by 0.5% over the last year to 1,751 euros/m2 according to a study published by idealista, the leading real estate marketplace in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The price of coastal homes in the Balearic Islands have risen the most in the last year,...

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