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rent under the table

Rent under the table in Spain: Fines and consequences

Learn more about the consequences if you rent a property under the table in Spain. The Spanish Tax Authorities are considering penalties of up to 150% of the undeclared amounts for those who commit this offence. The income received from renting a property in Spain is taxed for personal income tax purposes as real estate capital. However, many people rent under the table – without a contract – to...

rental deposit in spain

Rental deposit in Spain: how to get it back from a landlord?

What can you do if a landlord refuses to return your rental deposit in Spain? When renting a property in Spain, in the majority of cases, and as stated in Spain's rental law (LAU), you will be required to pay a deposit to cover possible damages that may arise during the lease. But what happens if the owner refuses to return your deposit in Spain at the end of the contract? We explain how to deal with this...

Driving in Spain

Driving in Spain: New rules and fines

Spain's new driving rules came into force on 21st March 2022 and include new fines for drivers. Spain's new 2022 Traffic Law is now in force (as of 21st March), meaning there are some changes that you need to be aware of if you're driving in Spain. If you want to avoid unnecessary fines and losing points from your Spanish driver's licence, we have summarised 10 of the main changes in the new rules...

Nota simple in Spain

Nota simple in Spain explained

Nota simple in Spain - A nota simple in Spain is a legal document you will often hear in Spain. In this short post we give a brief outline on what it is and why it is so useful. It’s important for a host of reasons and applies to a large number of cases. Simply put, it is one of the most important documents used in the Spanish property conveyancing process. Definition A nota simple is an official...

gestor in spain

What is a gestor in Spain?

Gestor in Spain explained - Spain is infamous for its bureaucracy and hard to navigate red tape, but one person who may be able to help with such processes is a "gestor" or "gestoría". The role of the gestor (who works in a gestoría) is something which is very Spanish, and an equivalent service of this "jack of all trades" figure doesn't tend to exist in other counties. However, as foreign as this...

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