Renting in Spain

rental problem in spain

The rental problem in Spain “must be tackled” with more supply, not price limits!

This is according to the CEO of Ibercaja, Víctor Iglesias, regarding the rental problem in Spain. The CEO of Ibercaja, Víctor Iglesias, has stated that the rental problem in Spain "must be tackled" by increasing the supply of rental housing available, "rather than reducing or limiting the amount of rent". He considered that the proposal to mobilise 50,000 Sareb homes for rent to families and young...

rent under the table

Rent under the table in Spain: Fines and consequences

Learn more about the consequences if you rent a property under the table in Spain. The Spanish Tax Authorities are considering penalties of up to 150% of the undeclared amounts for those who commit this offence. The income received from renting a property in Spain is taxed for personal income tax purposes as real estate capital. However, many people rent under the table – without a contract – to...

rental prices in spain

Rental prices in Spain will rise by 6% in 2023

With the start of 2023, many real estate market agents agree that a change of cycle has begun in the market that is linked to the macroeconomic situation caused by the war, inflation and the rising cost of living and financing. In this context, Inviertis, a real estate investment technology platform, predicts that the future of the economy and the Spanish real estate market will be marked by one main...

Tax on holiday rental income in Spain

Tax on holiday rental income in Spain: learn how to declare and how much to pay

You wish to rent out your Spanish home and you are worried about the tax on holiday rental income in Spain? No worries, we got the details for you. If you're a foreigner with a holiday home in Spain and you pay tax on holiday rental income in Spain as a resident, it is important to know that this type of home is not exempt from being declared in the 'IRPF' tax return, even if you make only residual use of...

Spanish rental cap

Spanish rental cap: Government extends 2% a further 3 months

The Spanish rental cap is used by the government to regulate the long term rentals in Spain. As we predicted in our previous article, because of Spain’s high inflation, the government would continue to ‘chain’ (by this we mean renew every 3 months) the 2% inflation Spanish rental cap on long term rentals. Spain’s National Bureau of Statistics (INE) reported inflation hit 8.7% Year-Over-Year...

rent property in Spain

How to rent out a property in Spain

If you own a property in Spain and want to rent it out, our simple guide will help you along the way so that you know how to rent out a property in Spain as a foreigner. Perhaps you own a Spanish property or holiday but don't get much of a chance to use it. Having an empty house in Spain is a missed opportunity. You have to pay expenses and taxes, even if you don't use it. On the other hand, renting out...

rental deposit in spain

Rental deposit in Spain: how to get it back from a landlord?

What can you do if a landlord refuses to return your rental deposit in Spain? When renting a property in Spain, in the majority of cases, and as stated in Spain's rental law (LAU), you will be required to pay a deposit to cover possible damages that may arise during the lease. But what happens if the owner refuses to return your deposit in Spain at the end of the contract? We explain how to deal with this...

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