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rental problem in spain

The rental problem in Spain “must be tackled” with more supply, not price limits!

This is according to the CEO of Ibercaja, Víctor Iglesias, regarding the rental problem in Spain. The CEO of Ibercaja, Víctor Iglesias, has stated that the rental problem in Spain "must be tackled" by increasing the supply of rental housing available, "rather than reducing or limiting the amount of rent". He considered that the proposal to mobilise 50,000 Sareb homes for rent to families and young...

Spain's Luxury Property prices

Spain’s Luxury Property prices: Here is how the main residential markets are growing

Learn how Spain's Luxury Property prices are developing and why you should invest now! Spain's Luxury Property prices are closed with an average of €1,921/m2 in 2022, with a year-on-year increase of 5%, according to the year-end report by idealista, the real estate marketplace in southern Europe. In the same period, the price of luxury homes, i.e. those on the market for over €1 m, ended the year with...

rental prices in spain

Rental prices in Spain will rise by 6% in 2023

With the start of 2023, many real estate market agents agree that a change of cycle has begun in the market that is linked to the macroeconomic situation caused by the war, inflation and the rising cost of living and financing. In this context, Inviertis, a real estate investment technology platform, predicts that the future of the economy and the Spanish real estate market will be marked by one main...

US UK and Spain

USA, UK and Spain, favourite destinations for the wealthy to buy property

USA, UK and Spain Where in the world are the wealthy buying homes? US, UK and Spain: Spain has become one of the top choices for high net worth individuals when it comes to buying homes abroad, behind only the United States and the United Kingdom, according to Knight Frank's The Wealth Report. So, where in the world are the wealthy buying homes? We have the details. Spain is closely followed by...

Foreigners buying in Spain

Foreigners buying in Spain more than ever!

Foreigners buying in Spain more than ever! Between January and June 2022, 328,208 home sales and purchases were recorded in Spain, levels not seen since 2008. In fact, the 163,909 sales recorded in the second quarter of this year alone are the second best result since the beginning of 2008, behind only the 164,299 recorded in the first quarter of 2022, according to the Real Estate Registry Statistics of...

Foreign Investments in Spain

Foreign Investments in Spain: more than 15.6 billion euros in the first half 2022

Foreign Investments in Spain Foreign Investments in Spain have reached a total of 15.6 billion euros during the first half of the year 2022 (between January and June), which represents an increase of 53.4%, with the Community of Madrid being the region that leads in attracting funds from abroad, with 10,9 billion euros invested, 69.8% of the total. We have all the details of how foreign investment is...

Buy property in Spain

Buy property in Spain: Foreigners pay record prices

Average prices to buy property in Spain exceed 2,000 euros/m2, the highest since 2008, while the average price for non-residents is at a record high of 2,480 euros/m2. Foreigners have made a strong comeback in the housing market in Spain and have regained pre-pandemic levels when it comes to buy property in Spain. According to statistics from Spanish notaries, foreigners carried out 63,934 property...

investment in Europe

Investment in Europe hits record highs: Real estate more attractive than ever

Investment in Europe hits record highs - The real estate sector continues to be attractive to investors. So much so that it has reached an unprecedented level in history. According to a report published by the consultancy firm CBRE, the sector attracted record investment in Europe in 2021, reaching a volume of 359 billion euros. The figure is 25% higher than that recorded in 2020 and 8% higher than...

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