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world's most welcoming cities

One of the world’s most welcoming cities is located in Spain: here’s the top 10 for travellers

World's most welcoming cities - According to the Traveler Review Awards, Toledo is one of the most outstanding cities in the world. This year, the tenth edition of the Traveller Review Awards has been published on The awards are made by assessing the reviews of verified users on the website, and then presenting a ranking selecting the 10 most welcoming cities in the world, among which this...

dinner in Spain

What time do people eat dinner in Spain?

What time do people eat dinner in Spain? When moving to another country, or when going on holidays, one thing to check before travelling is the time of different meals. Lunch and dinner times in Spain have always been a talking point due to the cultural difference with other neighbouring countries. So, what time do people eat dinner in Spain? And how does dinnertime in Spain compare to other European...

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